Living Space Reveal

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I will be sharing what my living space currently looks like in my apartment. It’s not 100% done as you can see in the photos, but it’s getting close & I’m excited! Many people have asked me what my inspiration has been, where I have bought certain items, and what I’m going to do with the rest of my spaces.. so I thought, “Might as well explain everything in an in-depth blog post!”

So let me explain a little bit of the details. I live in a high-rise apartment complex in a one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, Zach. Our place is approximately 823 square feet, including the outside balcony we have. It’s small, yet expensive. (Thanks Bay Area!) I’m still in school, and my boyfriend just got his first entry-level position at a tech company, so money is pretty tight. We really tried to find good deals for everything related to our furniture and accessories in our apartment because we have to be stingy.


Our living space is small, and flows off of the kitchen (which is in the middle of our apartment and the island runs horizontal through it). The floors are a really interesting color wood, and it helped me pick out all of the features for the apartment. It inspired me to get this coffee table, featured above.

In the living room aspect of the apartment, I do not have any art up on the walls yet.. I still haven’t found something that has wowed me to put above the couch area. I’ve been searching all over.. I love the idea of a large textile, but those are usually pretty expensive. Maybe I will add a large mirror.. it just depends.

We got our couch from Wayfair for around $500. It was such a good deal. I got the idea from a friend on Instagram, Siri, who has it in her cute Seattle home. Thankfully it was still in stock, and now it’s in my new place. I absolutely love it. It’s comfy, and versatile, and the perfect size for my small space. I got the pillows from Homegoods, they give off a kind of “Fall Vibe” and I bought them recently for that reason. I’ve never really been a fan of the oranges & reds during the fall for my own spaces, so this is as crazy as it gets.


I get so many questions about where I got my rug. I got it for $12.99 (Yes.. I said $12) from Homegoods.. isn’t that crazy? It’s comfy and small enough for my space, has the “boho flair” I love, and it was so inexpensive I couldn’t pass it up.

The wood coffee table I added for texture in the room. I knew I would go with a lot of neutrals (I am my mom’s daughter.. I’m looking at you Kristy Wicks) so the wood colors mixed with the black skinny legs was perfect for my living room. I also got it from Homegoods, it was $299 which was a great price for such an interesting piece.

The chair is from Homegoods as well. I honestly got lucky at Homegoods and found everything that I wanted there in the last couple months.. I knew I wanted leather in my space but wasn’t sure what I would end up choosing. This chair was perfect because it was a little mid-century modern which I love but not too over the top.

Now for the accessories..I got the cute succulent planter from Pier1 a couple years ago. It adds color and texture to any space, and is probably the most versatile accessory I own. I always stack books on the coffee table and make them look a little messy in order for my home to look cozy. You always want to make your home seem lived in, in my opinion. The books I have are “Styled” by Emily Henderson and “The New Bohemians” by Justina Blakeney. Both are very informative on how to design your space!

My copper side table is from Target. It was such a great find for me.. I love introducing metallic pieces into spaces with other textures and this was just perfect. My main colors in my apartment are Navy Blue & Copper, so this side table went perfect with the theme. It is only $60 and looks so cute.


Lol at the 2 Buck Chuck that we have on the tray as if it’s fancy.. Classic 22 year old living.

I won this adorable tray from St. Frank from another blogger’s giveaway. Her name is Kat and I absolutely love her lifestyle blog.. you should check her out. I absolutely love this tray.. it’s gorgeous and hand dip-dyed with beautiful fabric from the Philippines. I like a simply decorated tray, so I added the candle holder from West Elm, and just added some fresh Eucalyptus in it for texture and for some fall foliage. Two stemless wine glasses from Ikea, and two bottles of wine, and you’re good to go. You don’t always have to be over the top when styling trays.


On the other side of my living area, it’s completely bare. We are still looking for a console table to sit against the wall where my router is. It’s been hard to find one because we need something that is less than 15′ deep.. it cannot block the doorway to the outside area. It’s proving to be more difficult than I thought.. thankfully my mom and I are going shopping today and hopefully we will find something for this space. I got the faux plant with the planter included from Homegoods as well. (Surprise, surprise).


I will be doing reveals for my other rooms soon.. so subscribe to my e-mail list. I will be posting at least twice a week about anything from interior design, life, recipes, and more. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sabrina says:

    You’ve done a great job Emma. Like mother, like daughter! You’d never know you were on a budget! Way to go!!!


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