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Hi everyone, and thank you so much for coming to my blog. This has been in the works for a while, and I’m so excited for all of you to follow me along on this journey.

My name is Emma Wicks and I am 22 years old. I’ve wanted to start my own blog probably since 2011, when I started really following some of my favorite fashion bloggers on their websites. They were all so gorgeous and I remember wishing I could be them one day.

I am from the Bay Area of California, and grew up about 40 minutes outside of San Francisco, CA in a small-ish town. ‘Everybody knows everybody’ kind of thing. I moved away when I first started college, and lived in Arizona for a couple years. I then moved to San Diego, CA to live with my current boyfriend, Zach. I am now living with him in San Jose, CA, where I am going to school and he is starting his first full-time job!

I assume that many of you found me through my mom, Kristy Wicks. If some of you don’t know her, she’s a gorgeous & kind Interior Decorator/Lifestyle Guru/World’s Best Mom. She is so talented at everything she does, and she makes me really proud to be her daughter.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check my blog out. I will be sharing everything from fashion, travel tips & guides (where I have vacationed), lifestyle, TV show posts, home decorating, and more!




  1. Vicki Tiller says:

    I enjoyed your story of life so far! You are a beautiful girl with so many wonderful things ahead! You are so lucky to have the love and support from your family and friends.


    • Emma Wicks says:

      Hi Vicki,
      Thank you so so much that’s so sweet of you to say! I love having the support of family and friends, otherwise I could not be the person I am or do the things I do.

      Have a great week,


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